Pilates Reformer

All Pilates reformer classes are limited to 6 students. We strongly recommend an introductory private lesson prior to your first class. All students must start at Level 1, even with previous reformer experience at other studios. If you have any special concerns with movement (injuries, special conditions, pregnancy) please contact the studio prior to signing up so that we can guide you in the right direction.

Regardless of class level, the amount of challenge you will find in any class is truly up to you. Pilates requires a strong mental focus, and your ability to put 100% into the movements will directly affect the level of challenge you feel in class.



    Group Studio Classes

    All group studio classes at Oxygen are beginner friendly, no intro necessary. If you have injuries or any circumstances that might interfere with certain movements, call or email the studio with any questions. We limit yoga classes to 8-10 students and we have plenty of props and mats here for you to use, so just bring yourself!


    Reformer level 1: beginner and intermediate

    • Open to all fitness levels
    • Modifications given as needed
    • Prerequisites: 1 introductory private lesson (offered at a discounted rate of $49)
    • Classes may vary in content, and will include work on the reformer, tower and the incorporation of small props like the Pilates Circle, weighted balls, a core ball and hand weights.

    reformer Level 2: Intermediate, invite only

    • Little to no modifications given during class
    • Prerequisites: Minimum 1 year experience on the reformer, 2+ times per week, tolerance for inversions, and the ability to fully support body weight in a plank position for an extended period of time, strong wrists and no major injuries.
    • Classes may vary in content and will include work on the reformer, tower, and the incorporation of small props.

    reformer Level 3: Advanced, invite only

    • No modifications given during class
    • Prerequisites: Minimum 2 years experience on the reformer, 2+ times per week
    • Reformer 3 is reserved for students with MANY years of consistent Pilates experience and a firm understanding of Pilates principles, the equipment and their own bodies.
    • Class flows at a continuous pace through the full intermediate order of exercises with advanced exercises added as time permits.

    Reformer Stretch

    • All levels welcome
    • Prerequisites: none
    • This class



    Pilates Mat

    All-levels friendly repertoire. In every class, you will be standing, lying flat on your back, lying on your stomach, on hands and knees, lying on your side, and you will take your spine through a full range of rounding, arching, twisting, and side bending.

    O2 barre Burn

    Plies, squats, lunges, leg raises, and upper body work with resistance bands and hand weights, abdominal work, and a rotating mix of bridging, leg raises on hands and knees, planks, push ups and more. Barre classes at Oxygen Mind and Body incorporate a variety of training methods, ranging from Pilates mat work, traditional strength training moves, ballet, and the Lotte Berk Method.

    O2 Fit

    Keep your heart rate elevated with rounds of circuit training - TRX, core, strength training and cardio!

    Vinyasa Flow

    A creative form of yoga that harmonizes body movement with breath in a flowing format. Postures are sequenced around sun salutations to help increase flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, and allow you to tune in to your body’s own rhythm.

    Relax & Renew (1st Friday of each month)

    This soothing and gentle 75-minute class assists you in calming your body and quieting your mind through a combination of Restorative Yoga poses and gentle Vinyasa flow. All levels welcome, some prior experience suggested.

    Restorative (see schedule tab for next workshop date)

    During this 2 hour workshop you'll be guided through gentle stretching and passive poses utilizing blankets, pillows, bolsters, and blocks for complete support. You will leave Restorative Yoga feeling renewed and restored as well as awake and alive.