Are You New?

Never been to Oxygen? If you heard about us from a friend, be sure to let us know who sent you. They receive a nice little treat for telling you about us. If you enjoy your time here and tell your friends, you get treats too! We really look forward to meeting you.



If you haven't signed up for a class in the past 365, we consider you brand new again. We're eager to show you how we've grown and changed over the last year and would love a chance to make another great impression! Please take advantage of our new client specials, and we can't wait to see you again. The system might still remember you from before, so if these specials don't show up for you to purchase, shoot us a quick email at and we can set it up for you!



New Client Specials: Summer 2017


Private lessons are booked by appointment. Please call 978-475-1529 or email to schedule.

Group Studio classes include: all Pilates Mat classes, all yoga classes, all barre classes and all TRX classes.

Reformer Classes Include: Anything with the word reformer in it!


Let's get you started!