Meet our capable, caring, smart team of instructors.

We consistently participate in continuing education so that we can continue to offer a high level of specialized instruction year in and year out.

This isn't a hobby for us - we take your time and your needs seriously. Though there is no legal license required to teach most types of fitness, (Pilates included) we hold ourselves to the highest standards and never consider ourselves "finished" learning.

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Amy Cieslik

PMA-CPT, B.S. Exercise Science


Founder, Studio Manager

Pilates, O2 Fit, Barre

I have a passion for movement. A competitive gymnast in my youth, I have transitioned though several sports and activities throughout the years including track and field, distance running, cheering and tumbling, swimming, collegiate sailing, and martial arts. Most recently, I have completed several sprint triathlons, two Olympic distance triathlons and continue to train year round for upcoming races and events. I try to stay as well rounded as possible - one day I am on the reformer, maybe the next day I'm in a Crossfit class!

In my personal practice, Pilates is a not an option but a necessity. I believe unequivocally that Pilates keeps my muscles strong, my strength balanced and my body injury free through all of my varied training, sports and interests.


Amy's Certifications & Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Boston University (2006)

  • Certified by Balanced Body in Pilates Mat and Reformer (2011)

  • Balanced Body trained in Chair, Ladder Barrel, Tower & Cadillac by Zayna Gold (2011)

  • Formerly Certified in Stott Pilates Mat with Carol Burnham (2007)

  • Formerly Certified in Power Pilates Beginner and Intermediate Mat Work with Kathy Van Patten (2006)

  • Boston Body Pilates Pre/Post Natal Trained by Zayna Gold (2011, 2012)

  • Boston Body Advanced Reformer Choreography Trained by Katherine West (2011)

  • Boston Body Barre / Balanced Body Barre Trained by Zayna Gold (2011)

  • Certified Spinning Instructor (2014)

  • TRX Qualified Instructor, training with PJ O'Clair (2015)

  • Certified Pilates Teacher by the Pilates Method Alliance (2018)

Special Populations Experience:

Pre/post natal, competitive athletes, seniors, children, clients with diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis/osteopenia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, M.S., knee, shoulder and lower back injuries, herniated or bulging discs, recent knee or hip replacements, and various other orthopedic concerns. Exercise and physical activity can help with such a wide range of physical and mental ailments. With the proper safety precautions, anyone can achieve the benefits of exercise.


Alyssa Dedrick


Alyssa started her journey with Pilates over 10 years ago when she was a competitive figure skater. Pilates gave her the core strength to center her spins, the endurance to skate faster and longer, and the strength to jump higher than before. Alyssa began to study Pilates instruction in 2006 and continues to do so.

Alyssa is BodyAccess Certified in both Pilates Mat and Reformer. She also recently completed Mat I, II, and III trainings as a part of furthering her personal and professional Pilates practice, and has continued her classical Pilates education into 2017 and beyond. Alyssa has a BA in Psychology and currently is the Director of a Family Resource center at Beverly’s Northshore Education Consortium. She hopes to assist any individual that is looking to better themselves by way of mind and body.


Erin Hamilton


Previously a professional dancer with extensive classical training, Erin has branched off into teaching a range of fitness styles with a focus in private, equipment based, Pilates instruction. Erin graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA in 2006 with her BA (Marketing), and is Pilates certified with Powerhouse Pilates (PHI)  and Kelly Kane School of Core Integration, both based out of NYC.

Erin teaches all levels of mat and equipment classes as well as private training sessions utilizing all Pilates equipment. Her sessions often involve a heavy focus on biomechanics, and Erin has experience dealing with compromised clients who have multiple physical issues. She has also worked as a theraputic Pilates instructor at H&D Physical Therapy (New York City) - Working with physical therapy patients to help them transition from PT based work and stay functional in daily life by the use of pre-Pilates methods and basic equipment work.


Michelle Kelman

Pilates, O2 Fit

Michelle spent twelve years of her youth as a competitive swimmer, which sparked her passion for health and fitness from a young age. Her day as a swimmer was spent 6-7 hours of training. Once she completed her career, she needed to fill her time with other forms of physical activities because her day felt empty without a fourth of her day spent training. She quickly filled her spare time with hiking, rocking climbing, bouldering, and running. She discovered a variant of Pilates a little over five years ago when she was pregnant with her son. She fell in love with the practice and has only fallen more in love with the method more over the years.

She finds the practice essential for her physical, mental, and spiritual health. The mind-body connection that comes from Pilates has become the focal point that she brings into all movement practices she is involved in. 

She has a BA in Psychology and a minor in Biology from UNLV. One of her passions is helping others. Prior to Pilates she worked in a wound care/pain management facility helping patients rehabilitate from various injuries, accidents, autoimmune diseases, and more. Michelle has trained in all levels of Pilates Mat and Reformer with Balanced Body, and has mentored under Amy Cieslik since May of 2017.

Vivian Varbedian

O2 Fit, Pilates

After a recent back injury, Vivian found rehabilitation at Oxygen Mind and Body turning to Pilates to regain her strength and flexibility.  It was during this period of rehabilitation that she developed her passion for Pilates and its benefits to overall physical performance.  As her strength and flexibility increased so did her intensity. She quickly found a new love for TRX and the ability to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously. In her class, you will get a great workout, have a good time, and leave feeling successful. Vivian has also recently completed Reformer teacher education in Boston as well as Pilates Mat instructor training through Equinox.

Vivian’s love of kickboxing began in Los Angeles, Calif. in 2000 when she joined HKD Martial Arts Academy with had a strong foundation in practicality,  physical fitness, and an emphasis on mental/spiritual growth. An incentive to start the sport was to get a total body workout in one class and feel strong as you learn a form of self-defense. Martial Arts and Kickboxing challenges your body to work as a whole for head-to-toe. Her strong passion for Martial Arts, lead to earning her Black Belt and becoming an instructor.  She loves seeing clients transform as they improve coordination, strength, and endurance. Her goal is to be supportive and energetic. Vivian believes hard work coupled with encouragement will bring out the best in people.


Grace Nogueira


With a noted background as registered nurse for more than 25 years, Grace has been involved with fitness training and teaching form many years. She was introduced to Pilates years ago and has religiously adopted Pilates into everyday living. Her stated mantra that she lives by is “believe that the body, mind, and spirit connection is vital to optimal living”.

Through the teaching work of Joseph Pilates and his application of “contrology”, she takes her students through individualized experience (whether private or in a group) programs based on the integrity of the classical technique. Grace is also a certified raw food chef and master natural juicer.

Noelle Statires


Bio coming soon!